Ferret makes miraculous recovery after surviving full washing machine cycle

A young ferret, who was given a one percent chance at survival, has recovered after going through a full washing machine cycle.

Bandit the ferret suffered a collapsed lung and severe bruising, when his owners Jackie Redfern and Josh Crosse, both 33 found him.

They had accidently washed their pet after he snuggled up in a pile of clothes.

He spent 100 minutes being tossed around the machine.

The two-year-old ferret was rushed to Vets4Pets in Leeds, where he was placed on intravenous therapy to save his life.

Vets told the worried couple that the “limp and lifeless” Bandit was clinging onto life, with just a one percent chance of survival.

The Vets team drained his collapsed lung and gave him the medication and oxygen treatment bring him back.

He was nursed with warming implements, given drowning medication for potential drowning, placed in oxygen and given anti-inflammatories.

He has since returned home, where he has gone back to playing with his brother Mikey.

The couple said they are grateful to have him home safe, and that they now “double and triple check” their washing piles.

Jackie, from Leeds, West Yorks., said: “The few hours we spent at home awaiting the dreaded call from Vets4Pets Leeds Colton went so slowly.

“When we found Bandit he was limp and it was only when we rubbed his chest that he made a couple of slight wheezing noises.

“The team at Vets4Pets Leeds Colton were brilliant with us and quickly took Bandit into an emergency room to try their best to save him.

“After those few long hours we had a call to say Bandit was responding positively to treatment, but that he would need to be kept in overnight at the nearest vet hospital.

“Bandit had to spend a second night in hospital to make sure he was well enough to continue his recovery at home with his brother, but when we went to collect him, he was excited to see us and was trying to get out of his cage.

“His brother Mikey had been quiet for two days, but as soon as Bandit was back, he immediately perked up.”
Jackie and Josh said that after they left Bandit at the clinic in late November they were expecting the worst and nervously awaited a call from the practice.

They thought that Bandit was safely snuggly with his brother Mikey, and turned the washing machine on, unaware of that he was in hidden inside.

Bandit was left feeling “fairly unsteady” for a couple of weeks but he has now returned to his normal self.

Jackie, who works in finance, said: “For the first couple of weeks after the incident Bandit was fairly unsteady but he then started to get back to his normal self.

“It’s now been three months since the event and thankfully Bandit is now doing really well and seemingly none the worse for his ordeal.

“Josh and I still have flashbacks about the incident, always double and triple checking the washing machine before switching it on to make sure our beloved Bandit or Mikey haven’t sneaked in.

“Thanks to the wonderful emergency help from the team at Vets4Pets Leeds Colton, who saved his life and then Vets4Pets Leeds Birstall Hospital for the after care, we can have many happy years and memories with Bandit, and Mikey.”

Veterinary surgeon David Massey said that they were able to “prevent a tragedy” thanks to Josh and Jackie immediately calling for help.

David said: “Bandit was in a pretty bad way when he came in, but the team here got to work quickly to try and save his life.

“His owners’ quick-thinking upon realising the situation also helped ensure we could prevent a tragedy.

“Amazingly within four hours of being admitted he took a few gentle steps, which is when we started to become confident, he would make a good, and miraculous, recovery.

“He needed a few days of specialist care to ensure he didn’t relapse, but it was fantastic to see him reunited with Josh and Jackie after the ordeal.

“While this situation is thankfully extremely rare, washing machines and tumble dryers can often be a place our furry friends can seek out, particularly during colder weather when they might be looking for a cosy place to curl up.”