Shoppers divided after discovering ‘sick’ new pancake day treat in M&S

Marks and Spencer’s newest ‘Percy Pig’ product has divided shoppers, with some calling the new treat a “step too far”.

The retail giant has kept its food halls open throughout lockdown, meaning fans of the iconic sweet brand can easily restock.

But the pancake day treat ‘Percy Pig Pancakes’, which are bright pink and stuffed with jelly have had a chilly reception, reports Manchester Evening News.

NewFoodsUK wrote on Facebook : “NEW PERCY PRODUCT ALERT. Percy Pig Pancakes! WOW! These are super delicious!

“Buttermilk pancakes made with Percy Pig dessert sauce, with apple & raspberry jelly pieces – these have a beautiful fruity taste!

“We love the jelly pieces & sauce in these pancakes – perfect heated up! These are genius!

The new pancakes quickly caught the attention of social media users, and the post has been shared almost 2,000 times, and commented on a staggering 11,000 times.

One person said: “Love Percy but definitely give this one a miss.”

Another added: “I don’t know what I’m looking at, I know I feel sick and can’t look at the picture for long. It’s not pig flavoured pancakes is it.”

But while some are keen to try out the new Percy invention, others aren’t quite as enamoured with the idea.

A Twitter user said: “I’m sorry but they look absolutely vile.”

Another said: “Really? I love PPs but not in a pancake.”

One user called the pancakes “a step too far” as another quipped “the devil works hard but the Percy Pig product development team works harder.”

The pancakes turned one user’s stomach. They said: “I don’t know what I’m looking at, I know I feel sick and can’t look at the picture for long.”

A pack of 4 Percy Pig pancakes costs £1.60. It is available to buy in stores now.